These Easy Gigs Can Make You An Online Millionaire… In Months.

The world has moved online.And it’s staying there.

Businesses know this.

Online is where you can make a substantial income. There are plenty of roles and tasks performed virtually. And because the internet holds scalable business models, these can become very profitable very quickly. With the right tools and marketing and support team, anybody can tap into era-defining opportunities.

Let’s look at some of them in this post.  

1) Consultant, Tutor or Coach

Everybody has their niche of expertise. Everybody has a set of skills and experience that loads of people online would pay good money to learn.

“But all I know is plumbing, what online gig can come out of that?!”

It may not mean much to you, because you’re already good at it, but for people who were born not knowing “Righty-tighty-lefty-loosey,” your knowledge is a godsend. (The skill doesn’t have to be sexy or special. Nor should you be the only one in the world who can do it.)

Depending on your skill or knowledge, you can create courses, videos, articles or manuals you can sell online. People who have only one simple skill, like solving a Rubik’s Cube, have successfully built businesses and brands online.

No matter how trivial it may seem. Have the passion to teach others and your will be rewarded handsomely.

Check out Udemy, Skillshare, Podia and Kajabi

2) UX Writer

At one point, LEGO’s 404 Page greeted you with a message that says:

Sorry, we can’t find that page! Don’t worry though, everything is STILL AWESOME!

UX or User Experience writing is those little blocks of texts you encounter when using an app or clicking through a website. UX writing helps you navigate the app, so whether you’re being told that your subscription has expired, offered similar products or encouraged to check out what else is on sale, you always feel like there’s somebody who’s got your back.

UX writing is unlike writing a regular blog post or article. This one is shorter and so you need to encapsulate everything in as few words as possible, making sure that your communication is in line with the brand voice.

If you can write in a clear, crisp, clever and entertaining manner, then UX writing might be a good career choice.

Check out Uiuxjobsboard.

3) “Printables” Creator

If you have a flair for good graphic design, “printables” can be a good source of passive income. “Printables” are pieces of artwork, drawing, graphic design or text that anybody can download and then print. These printed files can then be used to decorate walls, counters, mugs, shirts etc.

You do the work only once and you can resell the “printables” unlimited numbers of times. And because they are digital files, there is practically no overhead and stocking costs, and customers get your products shipped instantly.

So if you have seasonal prints you’d like to put out there, or some inspirational, insightful or funny quotes that’d go great on a shirt or a wall, printables are a great way to earn serious income.    

Etsy is a great place to start selling printables.

4) Object Flipper

If you, on the other hand, are the arts-and-crafts type, who can create beautiful objects with your hands, flipping objects can be a lucrative online gig.

People flipping houses or cars usually purchase an asset and increase its value by fixing or adding features to it. You can easily do this with smaller objects such as vases, shoes or practically anything. Give it a little flair by applying any number of creative processes and you increase its resale value many times over. For example, you can buy cheap ordinary vases and paint them with vivid colours and designs. Then they’re not so ordinary anymore. 

With flipping, you’re not starting on the ground floor, (eg. creating the vase itself). Instead, you’re taking a mass-produced, cheap product and turning it into something more.   

Check out Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

5) Virtual Bookkeeper

Not many business owners like to deal with numbers. They’re not too excited about tracking transactions, invoices, debits, payrolls and tax returns. Nevertheless, they are an essential, inescapable part of every business. This is where a bookkeeper comes in. You can take these tasks from entrepreneurs and help businesses maintain their records and financials.

If you get a kick out of hunting for cents and are detail-oriented and organized, you can be nicely rewarded for that service.

Check out Upwork and Indeed.

6) Social Media Manager

For any business to “exist” in today’s economy, it has to have an online presence. And these days, being online doesn’t just mean having a dead website that nobody ever visits. Businesses have to be relevant in social media, in the dozen or so major platforms that shape people’s opinions and tastes.

A Facebook Page needs a constant stream of insightful and interesting posts. Twitter craves humorous quips, and Instagram, being Instagram, needs hyper-realistic photos. Add to that mix YouTube and a business owner will scarcely have the time to reply to queries, defend against trolls and upload free content. Not much would be left to running the business.

A social media manager handles all these social media accounts—keeping them brimming with relevant posts and updates, filling them with text, pictures and videos, and interacting with the community in the hopes of getting their business.

If you’re a prolific social media maven, you can be handling the accounts of several brands and have big earnings every month.   

Check out Glassdoor, and Linkedin.

7) Stock Photographer or Videographer

All of the internet need photo and video content. From the Instagram and YouTube influencers to individual websites, visuals and vectors are fed daily to this insatiable beast. And the users are scrolling down on their phones ever faster, prompting the creation of more and more content.   

There’s a whole industry behind it that you can be a part of by simply uploading your original photos and videos to aggregator sites like Shutterstock and iStock Photo. Content producers can use them to make their blogs, articles, and posts pop.

This way, you earn passive income as you get busy with your hobby.   

8) Streamer

If your hobby is playing video games, you might as well earn by streaming. This is when you invite other people to watch you play—that is, being killed by dragons or sniping enemy forces.

There are thousands of games you can stream, from retro titles like “Mario Brothers” to the newer favourites like “Elden Ring.” Fire up your console and play, and build your community on Twitch.

But here’s the truth. It’s not just video games you can stream. You can live stream any waking moment of your day. People have been making cooking streams, working streams, and driving streams, giving the viewers an inside look into another person’s life. (Some even do a sleep stream and doze in front of the camera…to the delight of viewers.)

The community supports and rewards you by giving you donations and bits, which can be converted to dollars. They can also subscribe, earning you repeat income.

9) Voiceover Artist, Audiobook Reader

If you’re not up for showing people your face but can talk and read aloud for hours, you might want to venture into this alley.

Not everyone needs to sound like James Earl Jones just as not all movies are Star Wars. You can narrate books, voice characters, read a book or be the voice on ads and promos. There are different prices for different purposes.

People often don’t have to the time sit down and give their full attention to a book. They’d rather hear it on the drive to work or while doing chores. That way, they can multitask and make the most of their time. Audiobook readers perform a real service to many.

Check out Voice123 and Upwork.

10) Podcaster

There are a million topics under the sun that you can talk about. A podcast is our version of the radio programs of old where commentators share their thoughts on the news, politics, and issues of the land.

There’s an infinite range of topics you can talk about—from gardening to geopolitics, from relationships to republics, and from coffee to constitutions. Give voice to your thoughts on a vast number of subjects, (sports, books, movies, current events,) whether they be topics you love talking about or topics you’re well-versed in.

You can deep dive into a niche, creating value add to your listeners by tackling a subject as comprehensive and as thorough as you can. You can invite guests to grace your show, share their thoughts and enrich the listening experience of your public.

A podcast is a creative outlet that can also bring in some income when you monetize it through subscriptions, partnerships, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merch.  

Check out PodBean and Spreaker.

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