The Honeymoon That Lasts: 4 Keys To Amazing After-Sales Service

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. And it’s just going to get higher. Zappos, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton and many other brands are continuously pushing the bar. Now, as a matter of divine right, customers expect great service not just for big-ticket and expensive purchases, but for every kind of transaction, and for every step of […]

Disrupting Disruption: How to Thrive in an Ever-Changing Business Landscape

Imagine rebuilding the Eiffel Tower every day. And I don’t mean doing it the same each time. I mean fashioning that chunk of steel each morning into some new architectural form it has never existed before.That’s what many businesses are experiencing right now. The breakneck speed of change brought about by AI makes organizations feel […]

How Do I Know If This Is The Right Employee For Me?

A lot of people, after going on many dates, still can’t decide whether they want to be in a relationship with the person or not.   And yet, in hiring people, (which is also a kind of relationship), we are expected to make the decision after just one interview. Ideally, we should go on several “dates” […]

How To Accelerate AI Adoption For Your Business

2 months. That’s all it took for ChatGPT to gain 100 million users. It was the fastest user-base adoption in the history of mankind. The closest thing to it is Instagram (2 ½ years), and TikTok (9 months). Businesses are scrambling to adopt the powers of AI for their organizations. Because as it’s clearly turning […]

Little Tricks For Crafting The Perfect “Evergreen” Content

Content is still king. But the internet is a greedy monster—devouring material with each passing minute. The virtual world is a place where new content goes to die, where anything posted 2 hours earlier quickly becomes dated and irrelevant, and people turn their focus to the latest developments, news, and trends.  In this era where […]

Persuasion Masters: The Psychology of Great Salesmen (It’s Not What You Think)

You’re in sales. You’re a salesman. You can flatly deny this and say, “No I’m not, I’m a computer engineer,” (or any other profession or role). But you can’t deny the fact that at some point in your professional life, you needed to persuade somebody of something. Whether it’s persuading your boss to give you […]

Less Is Really More: Why You Should Simplify Your Business

Have you ever been inside a candy store, with all the sweet candy the world has to offer, but ended up not buying anything? Or have you tried searching for something on Netflix, but ended up sleeping instead? Have you faced a wall full of the latest sneakers and couldn’t make up your mind?   […]

A Workspace That Works: Designing an Inspiring Environment

What does your workspace look like? Does it resemble NASA’s mission control, stacked with monitors and an assortment of blinking gadgets, docks and ports? Or is it like the emptiness of space, with only a laptop and a mug in hand?   As more and more people get to work at home, the issue of […]

4 Keys That Unlock Productivity In Remote Teams

Decades from today, girls and boys would be sitting around the campfire and asking, “Daddy, what’s an office?” (It’ll be like those videos of teens desperately trying to figure out how to make a rotary phone work.) Remote work has changed the landscape and upended the very way we do our jobs. We find ourselves […]

Scaling Your Business: Tips and Strategies for Safe Growth

Scaling your business is not a harmless experiment. It is a dangerous proposition fraught with pitfalls. A solid two-thirds of companies that grew too fast consequently failed. (Ultimately, those that grew more modestly survived.)  Your head might be in the clouds, thinking of fantastic revenues, only to be smacked by reality down the road. So […]