The Tech Purge Of 2022

The ground beneath our feet is shaking. It’s not looking good for tech. Fire up your smartphone and chances are, the apps in there would have been recently in the news. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, is ablaze with news of recent firings and hiring freezes that are happening all over Silicon Valley…and […]

Managing From a Distance: 3 Game-Changing Lessons From NASA

Remote work is the future. No scratch that remote is now. Just recently, there was a news feature about American workers crossing the border into Mexico—holding court there while working remotely for American companies. Remote work isn’t for the beach-hoppin’-kombucha-poppin’ digital nomads anymore. It’s a permanent fixture of how humans collaborate and produce value. The […]

Six Sigma: the Art of Solving Problems

According to USA Today, McDonald’s sells 75 burgers every second. That’s around 6.48 million every day. Or 2.36 billion burgers a year. And you know, whichever location you bag that burger, you’re going to get that same familiar taste that’s distinctly McDonald’s. The food chain may not be the best burgers in town, but they […]

Business Lessons From The Japanese Philosophy of Kaizen

What if there’s a system, a style, or an approach that helps your business do these things? Increase productivity Maximize efficiencies Increase customer satisfaction Increase employee loyalty Drastically reduce costs Significantly lower wastes Up your ability to solve problems in the future Would you be interested? I’m talking about Kaizen. Giants of industry the likes […]

Is Your Business Plateauing? Do this…

You never thought it would happen. Things started so well. You had this firecracker of an idea. So you launched a start-up that soon began wracking-up clients left and right. Months rolled and sales also kept rolling in. It was all looking up. Then suddenly, without warning, sales flatlined. Customer acquisition slowed down to a […]

How To Give Killer Presentations and Slay Investor Objections

Cash is king. It’s the lifeblood of any venture, and as an entrepreneur, you need funds to start, operate, and expand a business. And if investors are not falling over themselves offering you money, chances are you’re going to have to ask for it. You’re going to have to persuade investors to part with their […]

Inflation is Coming for Your Business…and It’s Not Alone

The business world was justifiably shocked when no less than Jaime Dimon, JPMorgan Chase & Company’s chief executive officer, head of America’s biggest bank, said in an interview that he is bracing for an economic “hurricane.” That’s a big word coming from somebody who’s usually very measured. The comment took on more meaning because barely […]

Hiring Lessons from “The Great Resignation”

“The Big Quit.”  “The Great Reshuffle.” Just some of the names we use to describe the recent seismic shift in US labour. In the spring of 2021, workers from the retail, service and related industries quit, en masse. Almost without warning, four million Americans quit their jobs—that’s in April alone. This wholesale exit continued through […]

These Easy Gigs Can Make You An Online Millionaire… In Months.

The world has moved online. And it’s staying there. Businesses know this. Online is where you can make a substantial income. There are plenty of roles and tasks performed virtually. And because the internet holds scalable business models, these can become very profitable very quickly. With the right tools and marketing and support team, anybody […]

The Case For Remote Work…After COVID

The pandemic may (or may not) about to end soon…but the trend for remote work won’t. When the whole world shuttered its offices and points of physical contact at the height of the pandemic, the working world was reluctantly driven to work from home. With their laptops and a decent internet connection, workers made the […]