Promote Your Business Like a Ninja in 2022!

“I’m a ninja!” said a boy…usually after watching an old, poorly-dubbed martial arts film. “I’m a kitchen ninja!” said mom. “I’m a gardening ninja!” said dad.   Ninjas, the real ones, have unbelievable skills, stealth and cunning. Expertly trained in a variety of weaponry, with a high sense of “awareness,” they’re able to beat and retire […]

How Wifi Killed The Office

HP. Oracle. Uber. Airbnb. Digital Realty. Salesforce. Yelp. Twitter. Pinterest. These are just some of the tech companies that are either moving out, downsizing or transferring their headquarters out of Silicon Valley. And it’s not just because of Covid. Other states and cities have increasingly been more attractive for tech companies, offering better tax incentives […]

How To Make ‘Remote Work’ Work For Your Business

The Tiger. Confident. Competitive. Fierce. Going by the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Tiger. Regardless of your adherence to Eastern traditions, I’m sure you would want 2022 to be a breakthrough year for business. And like the tiger, you would want your little enterprise to be a roaring success. This is where […]

5 Big Ways Small Businesses Can Break Through The Holidays

“Like finding a needle in a haystack.” That’s what your business could look like. In a month like December, businesses, large and small, shout their hardest at potential customers, unleashing serious marketing budgets as a final bang for the year. Adding your voice to the sales chorus can only do so much for your bottom […]

6 Dope Strategies for Attracting and Retaining World-Class Gen Z Talent

They’re here! There’s a whole lot of them and they’re about to invade the labour scene. What exactly do we know about them—those people born between 1997 to 2012—the so-called “Gen-Z” or “Zoomers?” These are not just your very young millennials. They are a different breed, with a unique set of qualities.   And if you’re […]

Banking Confidential: The One Investment That Never Fails

It was June 27, 1967. Reg Varney, a television show host, stepped in front of a clunky contraption at Barclay’s branch in Enfield, North London, and withdrew money from a “cash machine”—the first in history.   At the time, that historic teller-less transaction was at the bleeding edge of modern banking. Today, we sigh at the […]

Bahrain: The Little Engine That Could

With a land area of just 760 sq. km., and home to a population of 1.7 million, Bahrain now has 100% 5G coverage. When a country is half the size of London, it’s that much easier to blanket the whole country with 5G capability. The smallest country in the Middle East, and third in Asia, […]

Qatar: Taking Flight?

It is one of the world’s most valuable brands—winning “World’s Best Airline” multiple times, recognized as “the only airline to fly continuously throughout the pandemic.” 2021’s “Airline of the Year”— Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways named Airline of the Year 2021 by AirlineRatings. The airline has also clinched the Best Middle East Airline, Best Catering, and […]