The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

More and more companies, big and small, are following the globally-accepted practice of hiring virtual assistants. Doing so has allowed business owners to reap a variety of benefits, and here are some of them:

Elevated productivity

This is probably one of the most important factors that would encourage you to hire a virtual assistant. Productivity is significant in any organisation, and having someone who can help you with your system-based processes—never mind if he or she is on the other side of the world—is extremely beneficial to your business.

Increased efficiency

When you have a virtual assistant who can handle the smaller, less crucial tasks, chances are you have more time to devote to core business tasks. While a virtual assistant performs the admin tasks and manages your social media channels, you can focus on making your business grow.

Room for scalability

There are instances when more work needs to be done, either because of a new client, an increase in orders or someone from the team goes on unplanned hiatus. We need to be proactive, find solutions, to answer to the demand. However, an increase in workload does not necessarily mean that you an additional full-time employee or that you can afford to invest in a complete employment package.

You can a hire a virtual assistant to perform certain tasks for a certain period or on a per project basis, and even look for someone else in case that person does not perform. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to get the work done without bloating your overhead expenses.

Opportunity for flexibility

Want to offer 24-hour processing on your website without having to pay a fortune on night differential? Hire a virtual assistant from a completely different time zone. Hiring a virtual assistant will allow your business to have round the clock operations online, even when you yourself have logged out for the day.

Fill in skill and talent gaps

You may be a master at business development, but not necessarily a social media superstar. Great at client presentations but weary of doing follow-ups or making the payroll? A virtual assistant could efficiently perform tasks that you or other team members aren’t too confident about doing, and ease the burden off everyone else’s shoulders.

As much as there are advantages to hiring VAs however, there might also be disadvantages, such as the following:

insufficient briefing and decreased output due to language and cultural barriers

delayed updates due to differences in time zones

lack of focus of a virtual assistant with multiple clients

Fortunately, there are ways to work around these potential issues, and Kinetic Innovative Staffing has established a system for preventing them from even happening. Kinetic Innovative Staffing is a leading outsourcing company that specialises in providing dedicated remote staff and offshore staffing services. We provide clients not only with the most qualified virtual assistants from the Philippines, but also with a healthy variety of technical, creative, marketing and administrative talent.

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