The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Data Entry

With the aid of technology, various business processes can now be easily outsourced to skilled offshore workers anywhere in the globe, and one such process is data entry. It is very easy to outsource as anyone with a computer and Internet access can log in to a web-based database when granted access permission and a password.

There are quite a few advantages to outsourcing data entry and admittedly, there may also be disadvantages. Fortunately, there are ways to address these possible cons to data entry outsourcing, turning the tables in your favour.

Here are some pros and cons of Data Entry Outsourcing:


Access to a wider pool of talent

Outsourcing allows you to access experienced and qualified professionals outside your vicinity, and possibly higher better quality talent.


Seasoned data entry service providers are normally well-trained and well-experienced professionals who can ensure accurate results. They can key in every piece of information quickly, efficiently and in the prescribed format.


Hiring a data entry service provider from a different location may mean that he or she will be working from a different time zone, and this may work to your advantage. You can have your data up and running in advance, way before the next business day in your region starts.

Improved data management   

Highly experienced data entry operators are accustomed to utilising efficient offline and online data entry solutions. They can easily arrange large volumes of data in proper order to make retrieval of information easy.

Reduced risk

When you outsource data entry to experts, you are entrusting it to people who can efficiently key in and organise your data, minimising the chance for errors.

Save on time and operating expenses

Outsourcing allows you to save up on HR and operational expenses that you would incur when hiring in-house. It also allows you to save on man hours which you could then allot for core business processes.


Cultural barriers

When you outsource, your data entry specialist will most likely be working remotely in an entirely different continent. There might be cultural differences to deal with. To keep such differences from interrupting your workflow, hire an offshore worker who speaks English fluently and is accustomed to transacting with people from your own culture.

The Philippines, for example, is reputable and sought after outsourcing hub of companies from Western countries. Filipinos thrive in a highly Westernised culture and speak fluent English.

Exposure of confidential data

Outsourcing means that confidential information will be shared to your service provider. To make sure that this doesn’t become cause for alarm, ensure that your service provider upholds a strict security and confidentiality policy. Have a non-disclosure agreement in black and white.

Shared focus

It’s possible for an offshore worker to be working on multiple projects for several clients, and you might just be one of them. To make sure that such a situation does not arise or affect your desired output, find an offshoring partner who can provide you with dedicated staff and monitor the productivity of the data entry specialist provided.

Delayed support and delayed response

Differences in time zones may possibly result in delayed responses to requested revisions and delayed support when it is needed. This can be avoided by choosing an outsourcing partner that can provide you with dedicated staff who can at least work half your shift with you, or better yet, share the same work hours in a similar or exactly synchronised time zone.


Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and the probable issues can easily be managed. Outsourcing data entry, among other tasks, is commonly being practiced by companies all over the world.

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