Outsourcing to the Philippines: a Better Option

Outsourcing can prove to be one of the most cost-effective and productive business decisions you can ever make, if and when you find the right outsourcing partner. Offshore services are offered in several countries and the Philippines ranks high on this list.

Why outsource to the Philippines instead of other Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) hubs, you ask? Although countries like India, Korea and China have BPO industries of their own, there are factors that make the Philippines stand out as an outsourcing destination. Here are the factors for you to consider, which will also encourage you make that big decision.

English proficiency with neutral accent

Outsourcing requires clear communication between the principals and the outsourced workforce. Without clear communication, productivity may be slowed down and results may be compromised. Clear communication is definitely a must in any organisation, and even more in a company that outsources services offshore.

With a 92.5 English proficiency rate, the Philippines is one of the top-ranking English-speaking countries in the world. English is also the primary medium of instruction in schools, as well as in private commercial institutions, making it one of the official languages.

Aside from the ability to speak flawless English, most Filipinos are also gifted with a neutral accent that is easy to understand. Language barrier should not be a problem. The Philippines was colonized by Americans from the late 1800s through the 1940s, and this colonisation laid the foundation for the high quality of English that Filipinos speak to this day.

Cultural compatibility

Filipinos are deeply immersed in Western culture. English fluency makes it easy for them to absorb and adapt nuances of American, British and Australian culture since they fully understand the language. From film and television to business and economics, there will be a lot for you to talk about with your peers from the Philippines, and nothing will be lost in translation, as there is absolutely no need for it.

Skilled and competent workforce

Education is of primary importance in the Philippines and you can expect a highly educated and highly skilled pool of talent. The BPO industry in the Philippines was established close to two decades ago. Various companies from around the world have chosen the Philippines as the best outsourcing destination. It’s a prosperous and booming industry that has produced a highly prolific and competent workforce. You will be working with the best of the best in the industry.

Natural hospitality and commendable work ethic

Filipinos are naturally hospitable. They are accommodating even to people of other nationalities and cultures, and generally patient even in the most stressful of situations. These character traits are inherent to Filipinos.

Filipinos are generally family-oriented, and gives them to work hard and deliver the best results, with the end goal of retaining their jobs, eventual promotion and earning more to provide a good life for their families.

Value for investment

Labour cost in the Philippines is low and yet, it is the home base of highly skilled, highly educated, hard-working and experienced workforce. Outsourcing to the Philippines will allow you to operate a high-performing team while realising tremendous cost savings.

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