9 Reasons Why Offshoring to the Philippines Makes Sense

Outsourcing and offshoring of business processes has been practiced by companies over the last two decades. The Philippines is one of the top offshoring locations in world and there are more than enough reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines remains a perfectly sound decision for many business owners.

If you haven’t tried offshoring and you’re deliberating whether to try it or otherwise, consider the following reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines has made a positive impact in the  operations of many companies in Western countries.

English is an official language

The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking nations in the whole world. Ninety-two percent of Filipinos can speak English and majority speak with a neutral accent that is easy to understand.  Although Filipino is the national language, English is used as the medium of instruction for majority of academic subjects and as a primary language in many Filipino households.

Filipinos are highly educated

The Philippines has a 97% literacy rate. Education is a main thrust of the government and the education system is consistently being improved to stay at par with global standards. Higher education and training in various fields are given prime importance by society. The Philippines is home to reputable state-owned and private colleges and universities that provide specialized learning across a variety of disciplines.

Large pool of highly skilled and qualified talent

Access to quality education and on-the job training opportunities hone skills and mold competent professionals, from web designers, software developers, and engineers to digital marketers, copywriters, drafters and estimators. The list goes on.

Proven competence and stellar reputation in the outsourcing sector

Starting from call centers and eventually expanding to back office operations, the Philippines has developed into one of—if not the—best outsourcing hubs in the world. It has become a trusted offshoring destination from clients in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, among others.

Cultural similarities

While they have a rich culture of their own, Filipinos are attuned to Western culture. Many live in cosmopolitan environments that expose them to global trends and Western culture. Technology, on the other hand, makes it possible for those who live in suburban areas to keep updated.

Tech-savvy orientation and access to top of the line equipment

Telcos in the Philippines have become competitive over the years and are continuously trying to improve their service offerings. Computer software and hardware as well as peripherals and other equipment are readily available from reputable local suppliers. Should you choose to ire remote workers from the Philippines, getting them equipped to your standards should not be a problem. Filipinos are also highly adaptive to the use of technology, the Internet and social media.

Same time zone

While many offshore workers in the Philippines have extensive experience servicing American clients and can work with principals in a completely different time zone, Australian companies will benefit from the fact that Filipinos can work with them in parallel time zones. The Philippines has exactly the same time zone as Perth, and the two or three-hour time difference with Sydney, Brisbane and other areas should be an easy adjustment.

Hardworking attitude and strong work ethic

Filipinos, like other nationalities, are generally known to be hardworking and dedicated to their work, buoyed by the determination to either fulfil their professional aspirations, lead comfortable lives and provide for their families. This is one important reason why outsourcing to the Philippines has become a successful practice for Western countries and overseas Filipino workers are lauded in other parts of the world.

Value for investment

Rates of offshoring to the Philippines are highly competitive and will allow for enormous savings on human resources and operations cost. It’ not just the savings we’re looking at here, however; the high quality of services is also something we are after. With the reasons highlighted above, -we are assured that hiring remote workers from the Philippines proves to be a cost-effective and beneficial business decision.

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