12 Industries That Could Benefit From Hiring Remote Workers

Remote work is fast becoming an effective yet cost-efficient option to manage business processes and increase productivity. Gone are the days when the best way of motivating employees is to micromanage them on site. With increasingly fast Internet speeds and cutting-edge technology, it is now possible for team members to collaborate effectively online with the use of communication, project management, productivity, and monitoring tools, among others.

Admittedly, not all tasks can be outsourced to people who work offshore, but there are plenty of jobs that can easily be performed by a qualified individual even if he or she is  on the other side of the world.

We’ve rounded up a list of industries that can immensely benefit from a remote work set-up, and yours may be one of these.

  1. Creative and Design Services

As long as there is clear communication between the client and project manager, and then the project manager and the artist, a remote work set-up should pan out seamlessly in a creative agency. Practice the use of a creative brief, keep communication lines open and set deadlines, always.

  1. Web Design and Development

Designing and building a website for your client in Sydney is something that can be easily performed by a designer and a developer based in Manila as long as they have the required experience, expertise and tools.

  1. Construction

This industry requires someone who can create scale plans, design and determine what a structure will look like. Someone else can take measurements and even create rough sketches as references on site, but ultimately, the scale plans and designs are executed elsewhere using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software.

  1. Advertising, Marketing and PR

A lot of companies are allotting a huge portion of their marketing budget for online marketing and PR, SEO, SEM and PPC marketing as well as social media campaigns because let’s face it, most of our future customers are probably online this very moment.

  1. Accounting and Financial Services

Accounting principles are the same wherever you are in the world. Accounting software like Quickbooks are commonly being used. Some of accountants may not necessarily be in the same office with you. They might just be on the other side of the world, balancing financial statements as we speak.

  1. Publishing

Whether you’re in the business of creating books, catalogues, magazines or annual reports, you could greatly benefit from equally talented editors, writers and designers working offshore.

  1. Online Journalism and Niche Blogging

Some traditional practitioners may not be willing to admit this yet, but the truth is, digital media is fast becoming a quick, bite-sized alternative for those who wish to keep updated on news and current events. Bloggers, although not necessarily trained as journalists, have become relatable and sought-after sources of information and trends in this fast-paced world.

  1. Photography

If you’re in the business of stock photography, then you know a skilled and talented photographer could be walking on the streets of New York or watching the waves crash in Bali. Stock photos can be garnered from a photographer from any part of the world, while the other work that goes with it (editing, uploading, tagging, resizing) can be done by a completely different individual with the capacity to work remotely from a separate location.

The same goes for wedding and other creative photographers. Someone else can do the editing for you too.

  1. Legal Services

The legal profession requires a highly specialised set of expertise and technical know-how. There are differing clauses in different countries, but these can be learned. Legal practitioners could greatly benefit from hiring paralegals or legal secretaries.

  1. Health and Medical Services

Medical transcription and review is a booming industry in some countries. Transcription and review firms service medical institutions in Western countries but their skilled and trained workers perform tasks offshore.

  1. E-commerce and Sales

As it grows, a company that sells merchandise online will need someone focused on product data entry, customer service, marketing and accounting services, among others. Such can be outsourced to highly qualified candidates who can work remotely and according to the online store’s operating schedule.

  1. Recruitment

The job market has expanded and companies now prefer to accept applications online. The recruitment process has evolved and communication between recruiter and candidate are mostly conducted via email, phone or direct messaging. Recruitment managers and specialists may now have the option to conduct testing and interviews remotely. This system works, especially if the client and candidate are also in separate locations.

This is a comprehensive list, but bear in mind that any company in any industry that may require any of the above –mentioned services could benefit from hiring remote workers.


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