What Can The World’s Greatest Seducers Teach Us About Attracting Customers?

Successful businesses share a common trait with the world’s greatest seducers: the ability to charm and attract an audience.

Whether this is an audience of one or many, the stratagems are the same.

In this post, we are going to look into 5 time-tested strategies that businesses can learn from some of history’s greatest lovers.

#1 Understand Your Target: Casanova’s Modus Operandi

Giacomo Casanova was one of the world’s most renowned seducers. Few could resist his advances. But his method was actually very simple. Once he zeroes in on a target, he studies her very closely and finds out everything he can about her.

He would watch from a distance and keenly observe her movements, moods and desires. He would find out what animates her and what tickles her fancy. Most importantly, he would find out what is the one thing that’s missing in her life. Is it romance, adventure, companionship, or challenge?

Then, he would embody that experience for her. He will supply the very thing that’s missing.

In the world of business, knowing exactly what your customers want is tantamount to success. Many organizations and leaders pay lip service to this, but very rarely does an organization go into the nitty-gritty of what their customers truly want.

What usually happens is that businesses assume that they already know what customers want. “Steve Jobs didn’t do market research!”

Well, unless they are cut from the same cloth as the Apple founder and have the knack for creating revolutionary products that change the world, then their business might benefit from loads of customer research.

Understanding the needs and desires of your clients is crucial. Businesses must develop strong observational insights to get into the customer’s shoes or grasp what’s happening in the industry.

Only then can they package a proposition, a product or a service that truly resonates with their targets.

#2 Building A Magnetic Persona: Marilyn Monroe’s Allure

Marilyn Monroe didn’t just captivate audiences worldwide with her beauty. Hers was a carefully crafted persona that mixed mystery and glamour. When you hear “Marilyn Monroe,” you’re enveloped with intrigue and fascination. Hers was a carefully crafted, curated brand.

Businesses might have other ideas for their brand, but they can learn a thing or two about Marilyn Monroe when it comes to branding. People knew exactly what they were getting when they heard that name, and she was unique from all the other stars in Hollywood.

In business, when countless others are competing in your space, you need a strong brand to rise above the noise.

What is your company known for? Quality? Customer service? Speed?

What’s your brand?

This is essentially the first thing that’s on your customers’ minds when they hear about you. (eg. Volvo is known for  safety. Apple is known for innovation.)

This branding should be consistent across all touchpoints, from fonts in your ads to the features in your product. This sets your business apart, and it is this uniqueness that draws people in. It’s the allure of the promise, of what they think your company is about, that pulls customers in.

And with a strong brand, you’re a step away from customer loyalty.

#3 Create An Irresistible Offer…Cleopatra Style

The beautiful Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was said to have seduced the great Roman generals—Julius Caesar and Mark Antony—and so doing, significantly influenced the course of history.

But it was not just her wiles and her beauty that put these great men in line. It was her political acumen and her ability to make compelling offers that created lovers out of possible enemies.

Cleopatra knew what Egypt had to offer. It had wealth and goods. It had an army and a winning location. A strategic alliance with her can benefit both parties. In truth, the company of a beautiful queen was but icing on the cake. Cleopatra knew how to play her cards and came up with an irresistible offer that got Julius Caesar and Mark Antony on the hook.

In business, you need to have the creativity to package what you have so it becomes virtually irresistible to people.

For example, you can make products and services more appealing with:

  • discounts and promotions
  • bundling
  • freebies and add-ons
  • upgrades and cross-selling
  • loyalty programs
  • referral programs
  • warranties
  • flexible payment options
  • limited editions
  • personalization

Or you can tap into your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and highlight the things that set your business apart. Again, this has a lot to do with your branding.

For example, you can lean hard on things like exclusivity, innovation, exceptional customer service, speed & efficiency, convenience etc. All these you can use to create a deal too good to turn down.

#4 Master the Art of Storytelling

Although his work contains themes of love, romance and seduction, Shakespeare is not traditionally known as a seducer. Nevertheless, his plays can captivate an audience for hours. They are storytelling masterpieces that have charmed an international following for centuries.

His stories have been translated and adapted into movies, series and dramas that made people sit for hours on end.

Businesses need to learn how to tell a good story. It’s the way to capture attention and be remembered in a noisy world. Whether it’s an ad, a social media post, a PDF of a case study, or a presentation to investors, businesses need to connect with their audiences on an emotional level. And a story is the perfect vehicle to do just that.

For example, instead of boring people with a dry listing of the features of your product, tell a story about somebody whose life has been changed by it. Tell a story about how your service has saved relationships or saved the day. Tell a story of how your product was used in a way you’ve never thought of.

Tell a story. It opens not only ears but hearts.

#5 Engage the Senses

The world’s greatest seducers know the importance of the senses. They curate a sensory experience for their targets, transporting them from their dreary existence into a world that stimulates every facet of their being.

Going on dates with great seducers like Casanova means going to dreamy places, eating delicious exotic food, and savouring fragrances that lift the spirit. With senses fully engaged, their prey can’t help but fall and buy into the temptation.

In business, luring buyers and customers happens very much in the same way. By appealing to sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, businesses can create experiences and emotional connections with customers.

Brick-and-mortar stores can exploit sensory marketing to the hilt. As soon as shoppers step in, they can be greeted with a minty scent that reminds them of freshness. Stores can play catchy tunes and songs to animate shoppers to browse more. Colourful visuals can guide the eyes on where to look. And finally, stores can encourage interaction with the product—to pick up the item, feel its texture, caress the packaging, hold the items in their hands…and never let go.

The very same techniques and strategies that seducers use for their conquests, businesses can use to boost their bottom line. Your business should know your customers, build a strong brand, create irresistible offers, learn to tell a good story and engage the senses. With these 5 strategies, you can make it easier for customers to say, “Yes!”

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