WEBINAR on Engineering: How to Readily Hire Quality Talent at 75% Lower Labour Costs

Join us on our September 2018 Webinar Series entitled, “Engineering: How to readily hire quality talent at 75% lower labour costs”. 

It will be no more than an hour, to be conducted by our Managing Director Peter Willson.

The available schedules are:

  • September 4, Tuesday, 12nn (Brisbane time)
  • September 11, Tuesday, 12nn (Brisbane time)
  • September 18, Tuesday, 12nn (Brisbane time)
  • September 25, Tuesday, 12nn (Brisbane time)

If you will be interested to attend the webinar for free (at no further obligation), simply click on the image above, or copy-paste this URL to your browser: http://bit.ly/webinar-engineering.

Our company specialises in remote staffing for businesses such as yours. Since 2013, we’ve served more than 200 client companies with remote staff across HR, Marketing, Design, Drafting, Finance, Engineering and general support.

See you there!

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