Is It Too Late For Your Organisation To Hire Remote Workers?

Adapt or die.

This is not just true of nature, but it’s also true for businesses of any size, shape, or sort.

Not adapting to the galloping pace of changes in your industry can ultimately lead to irrelevance…and then extinction.

One significant shift that has come to the forefront is that of remote work.

Many companies have embraced a distributed workforce and are collaborating across national boundaries. (For example, you have real estate companies in the United States hiring Filipino remote workers as virtual assistants and appointment setters.)

While many have embraced this trend, many others are still wondering if remote work is really for them, and if so, isn’t it too late to get in the game?

Is remote work for your business?

No matter your business or industry, there’s a space for remote work in it. Jumping into the bandwagon doesn’t mean you go 100% remote for your workforce.

The good thing about this is that you can configure the tasks or roles that can be done remotely, according to the requirements of your organisation, and in the process partake in all the benefits enjoyed by companies who hire remote workers.

Is remote the thing for your business?

Well, if the following advantages sound good to you, then it definitely is.

Advantages for companies who hire remote workers:

#1 Talent Access: Remote work allows organisations to tap into that rich pool of world-class talent. You’re essentially casting a wider net for your organisation. And no longer limited by geographic constraints when searching for employees.

#2 Cost Savings: You will save money on several fronts. Reduced employees at the home office mean reduced office space requirements, lower utility bills, and fewer administrative costs. All these translate to significant savings that can go elsewhere in your operations.

And one of the most compelling rationales for hiring internationally, say, Filipino remote workers, is that you not only get world-class talent, but you also get it at substantially reduced rates.

Coupled with the savings mentioned earlier, you get why companies who hire remote workers swear by this competitive strategy.

#3 Increased Productivity: Numerous studies have shown that remote workers are often more productive.

Working from home cuts the time spent sitting in traffic to zero. In addition, remote workers have greater flexibility to manage their time, and so they work at their peak hours…in their productive and creative best.

Granted, there are unique challenges faced by work-from-home employees, but these are often offset by the freedom and flexibility to respond, adjust, and adapt to them.

The ability to work in environments that suit one’s needs stacks the deck in an employee’s favour to get more work done.

#4 Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Remote work is not only preferred by some of the most sought-after professionals, it is oftentimes required by them.

Today’s employees rate flexibility as one of their top requirements prior to joining a company. It’s one of the clearest 2023 labour trends out there.

Moreover, offering remote work options does not only sweeten the pot, as they say, but it can also boost employee morale and retention rates. Again, it is because employees appreciate the flexibility and work-life balance that remote work can provide.

Why It’s Not Yet Too Late

Yes, the best time to have gone remote was yesterday. But that said, it is still not too late.

As long as your business is alive, the benefits mentioned above (and many more), are right there for the picking.

#1 It’s Still Very Early.

There are many signs that this development is still in its nascent stages.

For one, the rules and best practices are still being discovered, evolved or experimented. Much was learned during the pandemic, but much potential has yet to be unpacked. We are figuring out things like how to support WFH employees best, how to keep them engaged and connected to a team etc. (The future is bright for the remote working space.)

Another sign that it’s still early days is that the market is not yet saturated. Plenty of world-class talent is available for the picking. For example, our company has been working with Filipino remote workers and knows that the well for world-class employees has been barely tapped.

#2 Things Are Going That Way.

To be blunt about it: Do we really have a choice?

The inexorable march of progress is going the way of remote work and international collaborations. Recent trends and technological developments are paving the way not only to make remote work possible but make collaborations more efficient and instinctive.

In the near future, hosting a team of professionals distributed around the world will not be a competitive advantage anymore. It will be the minimum standard of doing things, and if a business wants to be viable, embracing remote operations will be a solid requirement.

#3 AI makes remote workers a must.

AI is one of the tech trends that deserves separate mention.

It is a game-changer.

Now you might think that AI will make lots of jobs obsolete. And that may be the case, but it will never make humans obsolete. The history of technological development is such that it impacts the kind of tasks that human beings perform, but it does not eradicate human labour and ingenuity.

AI will explode more new jobs and roles we can’t even imagine right now. And that will require employees who are quick and willing to learn new technologies.

Because AI has democratized so many industries, you will find that the people you want to hire are either too expensive, or will be putting up their own companies and start-ups. You will have to look elsewhere, globally, for a team of professionals to work with you on your vision.

In this scenario, AI has not made remote workers obsolete but has even made them vital for every business.


With these 3 reasons, it should be obvious to any company, big or small, that it is never too late to get into the remote working game. The benefits are too attractive, and the advantages too significant to pass up. In the near future, a company’s very survival could largely depend on it.


So if you want to explore this opportunity for your organisation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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