HR Scalability and Why It’s Good for Your Business

The world is continuously evolving and along with it, your target market’s needs change. Companies therefore are forced to adapt to the needs of their customers or clients. Adaptability is a must, hence processes and systems must be scalable–from the software that you use to the human resources that help you achieve your business goals.

HR Scalability allows your human resource model to change as the demands of your business evolve. It has become an accepted practice over the years, especially with the growing popularity of business process outsourcing.

In a traditional HR setting, recruiters would acquire a set number of regular employees, catering to manpower needs of the business long before the demands surface. In a scalable setup however, personnel requirements are anticipated yet flexible; emerging opportunities dictate how human resources respond.

HR Scalability is not limited to hiring workers when the season calls for it. It may also involve hiring people who have more than one specialisation and who can utilise secondary skills when the need for it arises.

HR Scalability may affect an organisation in different ways, but it yields positive results most of the time. Here are a few of the reasons why HR Scalability is important:

Needs and demands naturally change over time.

Your current requirements are different from last year’s in the same way that it could change again next month.  The world is continuously evolving and so must we, but we need to make sure that our margins don’t shrink as we adapt.

 It encourages operational fluidity.

The ability to change in number and structure, as well as the adaptability of personnel to certain tasks, allows the company to respond to new requirements promptly and efficiently. Operations remain fluid and productive, undaunted by sudden changes in market demand.

It provides a platform for people to explore and develop other avenues of expertise.

The flexibility is not one-sided. When you hire someone under scalable terms, this also means that the person is seeking for something more flexible–something that will allow him or her to pursue other endeavours.

When you allow a worker to fulfil a new task that he or she does not normally perform, you are giving that person a chance to develop further potential and to shine in more ways than one.

It saves on operational cost.

Probably the most appreciated benefit of HR Scalability is the savings it brings to a company. Cost-per-hire is relatively lower, as there is no need to spend on additional benefits that only regular, full-time employees are entitled to. Money saved can then be used to fund other HR initiatives such as training and personnel development.

Scalability doesn’t happen overnight. Once you are able to shift from one model to another without interrupting operations, it means that your human resource department has successfully devised an effective yet scalable strategy.

Kinetic Innovative Staffing provides simple and scalable human resources and staffing solutions that can adapt to your company’s requirements. Learn more about our services and what we can do to for your business.

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