How to Hire a $125K Professional for Only $40K

I know what you’re thinking. No, this is not about some witty math riddles, nor does it involve involuntary servitude at gunpoint (good luck with that).

This article is about remote staffing or hiring people who work remotely away from the office. Now, how can remote staffing allow you to hire a $125K professional for only $40K per year?

Consider this: In Australia, according to the Fair Work Commission (FWC), the national minimum wage is set to $694.90 per 38-hour week. Compared to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where the cost of living is 61% cheaper than in Sydney, the minimum wage is set at $63.38 per week.

$694.90 vs. $63.38 = a huge difference (91% less, to be exact). It is this premise that remote staffing is based on, and why keeping remote workers in your employ presents huge savings without losing much in functionality and productivity.

What kinds of roles can you hire with remote staffing?

According to recent global data, 50% of all online work billing went to Technology-based professionals, followed by 12% to Admin Support (including Virtual Assistants), 12% to Writing and Translation, 9% to Design and Multimedia, and the rest to Mobile, Sales and Marketing, and Finance and Legal.

This is where Kinetic Innovative Staffing comes in. We specialise in providing Australian businesses with a wide range of skills offered by Philippine-based professionals. Among the roles we can secure for you are the following (check out our complete prices here):

  • Customer Support – average of $15,000/year
  • Virtual Assistant – ave. $17,400
  • Graphic Artist – ave. $18,600
  • Web Developer – ave. $28,800
  • Accountant – ave. $22,200
  • Engineer (Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical) – ave. $32,400
  • Project Manager (usually $125K in Australia) – ave. of $39,600 (See? I told you so.)

Many Australian companies have already made the jump to remote staffing, such as, which in 2014 used a 100% virtual team to build and launch an employee survey tool called EmployeeLife. Now up and running, EmployeeLife was developed with total costs amounting to 80% lower than had they worked with a 100% locally-hired team.

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