3 Simple Reasons Why Startups Should Set-up Virtual Office

Starting any kind of business is an act of taking risks.

Problems will occur and sometimes when you least expected it. May it be from the early stage of the business where you are just promoting your brand, at the stage where you are just about to break-even, or even at the stage where your business has been earning a profit.

Just like the old saying goes; “decisions can either make or break the business” and for young businesses or start-ups, bad decisions should be prevented as much as possible. For a business to reach its goals, considering the competition and technology, even the smallest bad decision can pull you back to the drawing board.

Decisions that involve business process and financial matters affect the business the most that is why you have to consider the pros and the cons before reaching a final one.

With the popularity of remote working and having a virtual team, start-ups have more options on how they will brave the competition and if you want to jump into the bandwagon but still have doubts, these 3 factors will help you reach the final verdict.

1. Less Cost

A startup needs all the funds to make it and with remote working or the reality of setting up a virtual office anywhere in the world with accompanying reduced cost makes it the perfect choice for startups.

With the budget for the office lease, the receptionists, the office supplies, and the payment for the monthly bills for the office maintenance getting automatically redirected to the betterment of the business’ offered services or the products, business owners will be hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Better Workforce

Since startups need all the help it can get, the option to create a remote team composed of professional and skilled people helps and flexes your business’ potential.


Image from: Paul Downey

And by removing the limit of just hiring local professionals to fill the positions within the business, it creates a better and complex team.

A complex workforce composed of people that have the right skill sets is easily advantageous for the business.

3. No Closing Time

The last reason, but certainly not the least, why setting up a virtual office is a must for startups is because you can create a 24-hour operating office. Since you can hire anyone and anywhere in the world, you can set up a specific team (e.g. a team of customer service representatives) that can work around the clock.


Image from: Stephen Coles


This is specifically helpful for startups because you want to get feedback from all your initial customers to improve your products and services.

These are just 3 of the overwhelming reasons why startups should embrace the idea of having a virtual office. With technology providing us with lots of remote working tools, even business rookies can unleash their potentials and leap ahead of their experience.

Setting-up your own virtual office can be your first step towards success and it’s best that you understand how you can utilize remote working and use the 3 factors above to your advantage.

Feature image Credit: Tech In Asia

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