This Is Why Companies Want Filipino Remote Workers

“I only hire Filipinos…” said one digital entrepreneur.

The sentiment has been expressed over and over in the decades following globalisation. Whether it’s Filipino nurses, artists or factory workers, there seems to be a strong penchant among employers to hire Filipinos.

This is well founded, as we shall soon see.

And it’s no coincidence that in the rapidly growing space of remote work, Filipinos are some of the most sought-after talents in the world.


What is it in the waters of the Philippines, or in its people’s DNA that makes them the perfect hires for the world’s organizations?

There are many reasons, but we’ll just talk about 5 of them here.

#1 Solid Work Ethic

Filipino workers are like hidden gems in the global job market, prized for their unwavering work ethic and dedication.

During the pandemic, the world witnessed how Filipino nurses put everything, including their welfare and safety, on the line. Filipino nurses were among the front liners who staffed overrun hospitals working ungodly hours just to backstop the damage brought about by COVID-19.

This is essentially the same work ethic that Filipino remote workers bring to the table.

Their commitment to their tasks, punctuality, and dedication to meeting deadlines are qualities that ensure projects run smoothly and on time. Once they take on a task, they see it through to completion with a high level of persistence and thoroughness. For them, client satisfaction is the same as job fulfilment.

So whether you’re hiring a Filipino graphic designer, coder, paralegal, accountant or virtual assistant, you can be sure of a strong work ethic rooted in Filipino culture and society.

#2 Strong Educational Background

In Filipino society, education is the same as wealth. It is the ticket for social mobility, the opportunity to have a better life.

Fathers move heaven and earth to send their kids to the best and most prestigious schools in the country. And getting a degree and finishing university is deeply ingrained in the minds of every Filipino.

Consequently, in the Philippines, you have a population of highly educated and highly trained professionals. These are world-class talents that can stand toe-to-toe with anybody in other countries.

And these folks are ripe for picking by companies who hire remote workers.

They are perfectly suited for the industry as Filipinos are also some of the most technologically savvy working populations in the world. They effortlessly navigate a plethora of online tools, from project management platforms to video conferencing software. Their adaptability to new technologies ensures that they can seamlessly integrate into any remote work setup.

The country offers a rich talent pool that combines strong educational backgrounds with practical skills, making Filipino workers a preferred choice for employers.

#3 Excellent Communication Skills

The Philippines has a literacy rate of 99.27% as of 2021.

The nation’s premium for formal education has meant that Filipinos can communicate very well in English.

English is one of the two official languages in the country, and their fluency in the language, coupled with their courteous and clear communication style, makes collaboration across time zones seamless. It’s no wonder companies often find it easy to integrate Filipino remote workers into their global teams.

Communication is at the heart of collaboration. And English proficiency makes Filipino employees stand out vis-à-vis other professionals from other countries. As a native speaker, when you want something done by your Filipino graphic artist, for example, you can simply communicate as you would normally and rest assured that your employee has understood you perfectly well.

In the realm of remote work, the exceptional communication skills of Filipinos make them stand out…perfect for a seamless global collaboration.

#4 Cost-effective Talent

One of the primary reasons for hiring Filipino remote workers is the relatively low labour costs in the Philippines compared to many Western countries.

With Filipino remote workers, you’re not only accessing a highly skilled workforce with a solid work ethic, you’re able to tap this talent without incurring the high labour expenses one might face in your home country.

On average, Filipino remote workers costs around 70% less than what similarly skilled professional in Australia might cost. For example, a Cisco engineer from the Philippines will cost around AUD 30,855 while a local hire would take around AUD 115,000. That’s a saving of 73%.

A Filipino lead generation expert is around AUD 16,940 while a local would be around AUD 58,000. (That’s 71% savings.)

And the fact that you’re running operations with remote talent is already a huge step in reducing your labour costs. You’re essentially skipping on the expense of maintaining a physical workspace, like overhead such as rent, utilities, office supplies, and equipment.

#5 That Filipino Touch

Filipinos are renowned for their warm and friendly nature. This extends to the virtual workplace, where they go out of their way to make colleagues and clients feel comfortable and valued. This creates an inclusive atmosphere that’s ideal for digital collaboration.

With a distributed workforce, cooperation and unity are important. By having Filipino remote workers in your teams, you have individuals with a deeply ingrained sense of community, attentive to the needs and concerns of their peers and clients.

This is particularly important in a work setting where connections are digital in nature.

Companies who hire remote workers look for the Filipino touch—that brings warmth even to the arena of remote work.

And at the heart of this work set-up is communication. Beyond his ability to speak fluent English, the Filipino remote worker communicates in a respectful and considerate manner. Their polite and attentive communication style makes those interactions with clients and colleagues pleasant and productive.

They will often consider their colleagues as part of an extended family, contributing to a harmonious work environment.

The same warmth and care Filipino nurses have shown in the years of the pandemic is the same warmth and care your Filipino remote workers can show to your clients and customers.

There is still much more that can be said of the Filipino remote workers. (They’re innately innovative, endlessly creative and immensely adaptable, for example.) But we’ll stick to these 5 reasons here.

It’s no coincidence that when employers around the world look for talent, they turn their sights to the Philippines. Companies who hire remote workers know that this archipelago is home to a constellation of talent waiting to be tapped.

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