30+ AI Tools Your Remote Employees Should Know About

Believe it or not, ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re awash with AI gizmos right now, and more are on the way. Soon, we’ll be flooded with implements that will make 1990s content creators’ eyes water.

But as an employer of a remote workforce, you might ask, “Should my employees be using these tools? Wouldn’t that be like cheating on me?”

Let’s quickly address that.

Should I let my guys use AI?

“I pay them to do the work…not simply type something on a box.”

You might feel a little shortchanged because you’re paying these people for their skills and experience.  

But, should you let your guys run with AI?

Well, if you’re a businessman who wants to remain in business in the next few months, the answer should be a resounding, “Yes!”  


Because your competitors are running with it. All the other teams are utilizing every competitive advantage afforded by technology. They’re maximizing AI and squeezing every last bit of value from the technology.

If you’re sad because your employees are having an easier time, you’re really focusing on the wrong metric. If that’s the case, then take away the laptops you’ve given your team, and while you’re at it, forbid them from using Google.

Let your guys earn every dollar, that’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck.  

Meanwhile, your competitors are outpacing and outproducing you.  

If I were you, I’d push my guys to master these tools, create miracles with them, and make the outputs their own. This will ultimately be better for your business’s bottom line.

So, here are some of the AI tools your guys need to know.    

(Note: We can’t possibly list everything and this is most definitely just scratching the surface. This space is really heating up. There are always new ones coming up and new versions coming out. We’re simply listing some representatives for each category.)    

30+ Game-changing Tools 


With text generators, your writers now have a writing buddy or a copywriting assistant. (This really means your business now has a copywriting assistant.)

AI can help create content for blogs, emails, website or marketing copy, and social media posts. Better copy means better results from your campaigns, more responses from your ads, and more engaging content for your readers.

This doesn’t mean, however, that your writers will be sitting pretty. While they do have mental prompts that will get the ball rolling, they will still have to guide the AI and inject their own personal style into the text. This is what makes content rise above the “noise.” Without a skillful writer handling these tools, your business will have generic content that’s indistinguishable from all the others.

Some famous examples of copywriting assistants are:   


Images that used to take days, from concept to product, would now just take seconds to produce. Do you want an image of a giraffe eating from a tall tree? Just write “giraffe eating from a tall tree.”

You’d have a set of different images based on your description. You don’t have to go outside and frame the perfect shot, or spend hours looking for the perfect photo online.

All you really needed is a robust prompt, with specific parameters that properly describe the image that you want.

This lowers the barrier to entry, which means even non-artists can play the game. But ironically, it has only heightened the importance of good and disciplined designers. AI image generators need a human artist who knows what he wants and can iterate on outcomes repeatedly.

There’s still an art to the process, and it’s the perfect marriage of AI and the artist.

Here are the famous ones to try:     


This space is definitely heating up as competitors are adding functionalities and features that are a boon to graphic designers and non-graphic designers alike.

If the task is about making posters, flyers, slideshows, presentations, infographics, logos, etc., then it never has been easier! It’s not just that there are a million styles and templates that have been pre-made, AI has turned to edit almost as an automated process.

This doesn’t mean we don’t need artists and designers anymore. It only means the standards are that much higher.  

Here are some of the leading players in this space:     


Creating videos used to require a whole crew and several days of shooting. Over time, the crew and the equipment disappeared…only the smartphone remained. Today, with AI, you don’t even need your phone. It only takes a few clicks and some written text to have an easily-edited and professional-looking video…with AI actors…that would be perfect for educational and marketing content.    

Give these tools a whirl:


Audio these days have become so malleable. Gone are the days when content creators are at the mercy of original recordings set in stone. Today, one can meticulously customize a song or sound and edit its elements to suit whatever purpose.   

Speaking of audio, AI can also now intelligently listen to conversations, analyze it and provide quick transcriptions. It can even provide a summary or talking points of what was said and email it to participants.  

(And oh, if you want to clone your voice, you can easily do that too!)

Here are some AI tools you should share with your team:

Website Builder

Creating a website has never been easier. It used to require a significant outlay of capital and weeks before one can proudly own a website. Today, your businesses can have one in the blink of an eye.

Today’s intelligent website builders provide professional templates and come at a high level of customization:


Coding used to be the province of those with endless hours of training and experience. With AI, even non-technical folks can generate blocks of code that run flawlessly. (These AI are so user-friendly they can even explain to you what each line of code is for).

But instead of being threatened, most coders rejoiced at the prospect of increasing their own productivity. Many projects will speed through the pipeline because of this. And it will be a boon for all.    

Besides ChatGPT, here are some code generators that are making waves in space:


Think of a task that you do with a computer, especially those routine or repetitive ones. Chances are, there’s an app or an AI product that would automate those tasks and make your life easier. Tech has touched practically every part of our professional life and you’d be hard put to find a task that AI has not automated or made easier.

Here are some tools that should come in handy:

With an open mind, and a plethora of tools in hand, your business can crush the competition. So don’t delay and max out these technologies now!

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We help companies hire highly-skilled writers, graphic artists, programmers, social media managers, etc. who can master these AI tools. The tech works best when it is put in the hand of experienced professionals who can then create more value and output.

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