Hire Technical Support Staff from the Philippines

Hire Technical Support Staff

Finding the right technical support staff will require great care as they are in direct contact with your customers or potential customers. At Kinetic we understand this and take stringent measures to ensure the candidate search considers more than just experience.

Technical support staff need to have excellent communication skills (listening and speaking), good time management and excellent multi-tasking ability.

Hiring remote technical support based in the Philippines offers not only the benefits of accessing a low cost labour market; but also the benefits of English being an official language in the Philippines. This means that with Kinetic, you have access to a large pool of English speaking support staff, many with experience in English speaking call centres.

Kinetic can provide staffing solutions for technical support services including but not limited to the following tasks:

  • Customer Assessment
  • Data Entry
  • Email Handling
  • Helpdesk
  • Technical Assistant

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