Six Sigma: the Art of Solving Problems

According to USA Today, McDonald’s sells 75 burgers every second. That’s around 6.48 million every day. Or 2.36 billion burgers a year. And you know, whichever location you bag that burger, you’re going to get that same familiar taste that’s distinctly McDonald’s. The food chain may not be the best burgers in town, but they […]

Inflation is Coming for Your Business…and It’s Not Alone

The business world was justifiably shocked when no less than Jaime Dimon, JPMorgan Chase & Company’s chief executive officer, head of America’s biggest bank, said in an interview that he is bracing for an economic “hurricane.” That’s a big word coming from somebody who’s usually very measured. The comment took on more meaning because barely […]

HR Scalability and Why It’s Good for Your Business

The world is continuously evolving and along with it, your target market’s needs change. Companies therefore are forced to adapt to the needs of their customers or clients. Adaptability is a must, hence processes and systems must be scalable–from the software that you use to the human resources that help you achieve your business goals. […]