Like Mike: A Decade of Dedication

“It’s been 10 years now and it still feels like yesterday.” That was how Mr. Michael Oliver “Mike” Gaerlan put it as he reflected on the past ten years working from home. Mike happens to be “Contractor No. 00001″ for Kinetic Innovating Staffing—which entered the remote work scene in 2013. “I started Dec 04, 2013, […]

4 Keys That Unlock Productivity In Remote Teams

Decades from today, girls and boys would be sitting around the campfire and asking, “Daddy, what’s an office?” (It’ll be like those videos of teens desperately trying to figure out how to make a rotary phone work.) Remote work has changed the landscape and upended the very way we do our jobs. We find ourselves […]

5 Counterintuitive Strategies For Staying Productive and Motivated While Working Remotely

With people working remotely more than ever, many are experiencing the challenges that come with the job. Isolation, lack of supervision, distraction, and burnout can be experienced by employees working from home. In this post, we look at some of the counterintuitive ways a well-meaning employee can combat burnout and stay motivated and productive in […]

30+ AI Tools Your Remote Employees Should Know About

Believe it or not, ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re awash with AI gizmos right now, and more are on the way. Soon, we’ll be flooded with implements that will make 1990s content creators’ eyes water. But as an employer of a remote workforce, you might ask, “Should my employees be using […]

Should Remote Workers Fear Getting Replaced By AI?

“My life’s over!” Hordes of knowledge workers experienced an existential crisis when they first witnessed the potent powers of AI. Writers stared at screens as ChatGPT wrote entire articles in seconds. Graphic designers watched Midjourney make multiple renditions with a single click. Programmers salivate at how AI produced flawless blocks of code. It seemed like […]

How To Manage A Remote Team (and still have time for Netflix!)

“Hi, team!” You greet your guys on Zoom, many of whom are a plane ride away. Technology has enabled people to work anywhere and has given rise to “remote teams.” These are groups distributed around the world, where some team members might be waking up and gearing for the day as their colleagues several time […]

5 Foolproof Ways To Turn Your Remote Workers Into Rock Stars

Ready to take on the world? Well, you won’t be doing it alone. You need a team behind you. And in today’s labour landscape, these workers are probably working in different corners of the globe—remote professionals. The challenge for you then is not how to manage them from a great distance, (that’s easy, tech has […]

Virtual Presence: How To Work Zoom Meetings Like A Boss

It’s Monday morning. You’re on a conference call with Singapore, the Philippines and Australia. (You haven’t even washed your face.) As more and more companies transition to remote work, virtual presence has become increasingly important in advancing one’s career. Meetings, pitches and client presentations have migrated to Zoom, Skype and a plethora of project management […]