Remote Workers: Just How Many Do You Need?

Remote work is not the future. It’s the present. Companies who hire remote workers are reaping all the flexibility and efficiency it offers. Yet, a critical question remains: How many remote workers do you actually need to ensure your organization thrives in this landscape? So in this article, we dive into remote workforce planning to […]

How Do I Know If This Is The Right Employee For Me?

A lot of people, after going on many dates, still can’t decide whether they want to be in a relationship with the person or not.   And yet, in hiring people, (which is also a kind of relationship), we are expected to make the decision after just one interview. Ideally, we should go on several “dates” […]

Hiring Lessons from “The Great Resignation”

“The Big Quit.”  “The Great Reshuffle.” Just some of the names we use to describe the recent seismic shift in US labour. In the spring of 2021, workers from the retail, service and related industries quit, en masse. Almost without warning, four million Americans quit their jobs—that’s in April alone. This wholesale exit continued through […]

These Easy Gigs Can Make You An Online Millionaire… In Months.

The world has moved online. And it’s staying there. Businesses know this. Online is where you can make a substantial income. There are plenty of roles and tasks performed virtually. And because the internet holds scalable business models, these can become very profitable very quickly. With the right tools and marketing and support team, anybody […]

Promote Your Business Like a Ninja in 2022!

“I’m a ninja!” said a boy…usually after watching an old, poorly-dubbed martial arts film. “I’m a kitchen ninja!” said mom. “I’m a gardening ninja!” said dad.   Ninjas, the real ones, have unbelievable skills, stealth and cunning. Expertly trained in a variety of weaponry, with a high sense of “awareness,” they’re able to beat and retire […]