These Easy Gigs Can Make You An Online Millionaire… In Months.

The world has moved online. And it’s staying there. Businesses know this. Online is where you can make a substantial income. There are plenty of roles and tasks performed virtually. And because the internet holds scalable business models, these can become very profitable very quickly. With the right tools and marketing and support team, anybody […]

The Elon Musk Secrets To Running Billion-Dollar Enterprises

Forbes’ top billionaire on its list, Elon Musk, is currently embroiled in a bitter feud with Twitter over a $44B deal gone south. It’s another of many headlines from the person once described as “the richest person in history.” Musk owns, has invested in or founded a litany of billion-dollar enterprises like SpaceX, Tesla, and […]

Promote Your Business Like a Ninja in 2022!

“I’m a ninja!” said a boy…usually after watching an old, poorly-dubbed martial arts film. “I’m a kitchen ninja!” said mom. “I’m a gardening ninja!” said dad.   Ninjas, the real ones, have unbelievable skills, stealth and cunning. Expertly trained in a variety of weaponry, with a high sense of “awareness,” they’re able to beat and retire […]

How Wifi Killed The Office

HP. Oracle. Uber. Airbnb. Digital Realty. Salesforce. Yelp. Twitter. Pinterest. These are just some of the tech companies that are either moving out, downsizing or transferring their headquarters out of Silicon Valley. And it’s not just because of Covid. Other states and cities have increasingly been more attractive for tech companies, offering better tax incentives […]

Your Best Employees Still Working Overtime in the Office? (Say “Bye-bye” to the 1980s by Getting Into Remote Work.)

How many times have you seen this opening scene in films: The alarm clock blasts at 6 AM. The lead character slams the noisy contraption and lumbers into the shower as some vibey soundtrack plays during the whole scene. Before long, he’s all shaved up, necktied and pouring brewed in the kitchen. He’ll soon be […]

5 Big Ways Small Businesses Can Break Through The Holidays

“Like finding a needle in a haystack.” That’s what your business could look like. In a month like December, businesses, large and small, shout their hardest at potential customers, unleashing serious marketing budgets as a final bang for the year. Adding your voice to the sales chorus can only do so much for your bottom […]